Senior Spotlight: Felicity Eward


Photo: Tanner Krueger/The Simpsonian

by Blake Carlson, Staff Reporter

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from all over the United States actually, I was a military daughter. I was born in the State of Hawaii. We drove across country and I spent most of my young life in Virginia. I call Illinois home, though. That is where I have lived the longest, and where my family has ended up.

Q: What are your majors/minors?
A: I am majoring in Music Education specializing in Voice, with a minor in Theatre Arts.

Q: What is your biggest passion?
A: I love teaching, especially with my student teaching right now. I am absolutely enthralled going to school every day. Working with my kids and watching them grow, seeing them retain what I teach them and build off of it. It is a wonderful thing to do every single day.

Q: When did you know that teaching was what you wanted to do?
A: I have always really liked working with kids. I have always really liked guiding them along and teaching them different things. I have always liked being someone that younger students can look up to.

Q: What is your favorite Simpson memory?
A: It’s probably going to have to be freshman year, there was this one moment where a couple people in Kresge had invited people to go watch movies in their room. I went on a limb without knowing any of these people. That’s where I met my core group of friends who are still my friends today. We had such a fun time and we all connected so well. It started these lifelong friendships that I know I will keep well after graduation.

Q: What are your post-graduation plans?
A: This summer I will actually start the very first summer of my Master’s program in Choral Conducting. Then hopefully when I get hired, wherever I get hired, I will start my job in August.