Community comes together for another year of tricks, treats

by Maddie Travis, Staff Reporter

INDIANOLA, Iowa — Every year the Simpson College community comes together to provide a safe trick-or-treat environment for the neighborhood kids. This year is no different. On the night of Oct. 31, the campus was crawling with witches and superheroes alike.

“We invite children and parents from the surrounding communities to come trick-or-treat through our residence halls,” senior Kayley Zimmerman, student hall coordinator said. “It’s a safe alternative to trick-or-treating on the streets and it gives a little glance at the college.”

Members of the Rotaract club, Wesley Service Scholars, the Fandom club, the Art club, the Religious Life Community and the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) volunteered during the event by providing activities and games in the Black Box Theater.

Residents of the first and second year halls decorated the dorms and handed out candy to the children participating. Greek life also was a part of the action by providing candy and even a haunted floor option on the third level of SAE.

“It scared a few kids, but then some kids really loved it,” said Tayler Keitzer, first year and greek area coordinator said. “They said it was their favorite part.”

This year more than 300 kids attended the SafeBlock event. With so many kids, the tours were large and many volunteers were needed.

“People just showed up to help,” Keitzer said. “We were able to plug them into places where we were needing volunteers, but we were just going to try and make it work. They really helped supplement the Res-Life staff in working the event.”

Looking toward next year, Keitzer hopes to improve the check-in process and volunteer organization.

“If I would have known that people were going to just show up to volunteer, I could have planned for that ahead of time,” Keitzer said. “Knowing that I will have places next year to plug those people in will be helpful.”

Keitzer is hopeful the event will continue to be a fun night, for not only the children of the community, but also the college students helping.