Ipsy: What is it and what are these pink packages?


by Maddie Travis, Staff Reporter

INDIANOLA, Iowa — Students and faculty are buzzing about the cost-effective, shiny, pink packages in the mail every month.

During the one week when the packages arrive, the mailroom shines an unmistakable pink color.

These bright packages taking Simpson’s campus by storm are not only practical but essential for the average makeup-obsessed college student.

“It’s a monthly package that you pay $10 a month, and they send, what they claim, to be about $55 worth of makeup samples,” senior Grace Peck said.

The contents of these packages include random samples Ipsy customizes specifically to meet the interests of the buyer. Samples items such as nail polish, mascara, eye shadow and face wash come in a small cosmetic bag, matching the theme for that specific month.

“It’s a way to try new makeup without having to spend a ton of money on products that you may or may not like,” Peck said.

Once a buyer subscribes to Ipsy, a survey is recommended for the company to accurately cater to the customer’s preferences.

Questions include the customer’s hair color, eye color and skin tone, as well as preferred brands and products. The package includes samples ranging from small companies to large companies, such as Tarte and Urban Decay.

As business has increased, the company’s attention to detail has also increased.

“The glam bags are becoming a lot more personalized and we get a lot more variety,” senior Jackie Cullinan said.

After receiving the bag, the customer is able to comment on the contents.

“You can review your products afterwards, and then you get points which you can then redeem for extra products,” Cullinan said.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time before Ipsy sends out the bill at the first of every month, but if interested, buyers can also subscribe for the $110 per year plan instead of $10 per month. This essentially eliminates one month’s worth of payments.

“I think it’s good for college students because it’s a once-a-month or yearly payment, and it’s a good way to get into makeup without having to make a huge commitment,” Peck said.

Tutorials and reviews are also offered on Ipsy’s website, giving customers an idea of how to use specific products and which products were most effective with other customers.

“I think it’s a good way to treat yourself, kind of like self-care. There’s not a whole lot to look forward to when you’re stressed out and busy with college life. It’s something fun that’s not difficult to add,” Cullinan said.

Those interested in Ipsy can check out their website at ipsy.com or find the Ipsy app in the Google Play or App Store.