Our View: Free speech is powerful; use it wisely


by The Simpsonian Editorial Board

The United States of America celebrated Sunday the 230th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution. Included in that Constitution is the First Amendment, giving each citizen of this country five essential freedoms, though a recent survey found 37 percent of Americans can’t even name one.

Luckily, the same study from the University of Pennsylvania found 48 percent could name their freedom of speech, the freedom we probably exercise most. And it’s easy to agree with free speech when we agree with what is being said.

But what about when that speech is full of hatred and bigotry? The same Constitutional amendment that allows you to spread love and acceptance is the one that grants your neighbor the right to be a racist.

Free speech lets us lie, praise, mock, criticize and support whatever we want. And, even in the age of social media, a free press affords us of one the best ways to disseminate our thoughts.

Like any good newspaper, The Simpsonian runs as a free press, independent of approval from the Simpson administration. This means Simpson students should feel free to come to The Simpsonian without fearing the reprimands of the powers that be at this institution.

Bring us your grievances, your creativity and your opinions because we are supporters of free speech and a free press. And we do not take these freedoms lightly.