Our View: Student media is a wonderful chance to be heard


by The Simpsonian Editorial Board

Fall at Simpson College is a beautiful time, reuniting with friends, studying beneath the whispering maples. The Simpsonian staff would like to welcome you to campus, whether it’s your first year or your last.

But we have one request as well: before you cram your schedule full to the brim, consider joining us on Simpson Student Media. We couldn’t be the nation’s longest continuously published student newspaper without, well, our students.

Help us out and let us know when you know something newsworthy. The Simpsonian is under no obligation to the school to print what the institution wants. We aim to report on what matters to you, giving you the whole story, even if the truths we find are ugly. We can’t do that without your help and cooperation.

Not a journalism student? No problem. Our coverage is dependent on students with different experiences, perspectives, majors and backgrounds. No matter who you are, you have something to contribute to Simpson Student Media.

Everyone is an expert in their own right. Others can learn from your life experiences, but that’s not possible if they can’t hear what you have to say. Think of us as the megaphone projecting your voice for the masses.

Take photos for the newspaper. Write a sports column. Design a couple pages in ID Magazine. Host a radio show or podcast for KSTM. Submit a letter to the editor.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Contact us to get involved. We don’t ask for much, just a desire for knowledge, a willingness to work under deadlines and your God-given talents.

For those up to the task, we look forward to working with you. To everyone else, let us serve you, and keep us in check. Let us know that you think we can do better. After all, this student newspaper is for you.