Are consumers turned off by iPhone 7’s missing headphone jack?

by Ashley Dalsing, Special to The Simpsonian

Each year, Apple users across the world wait patiently for the release of new products, notably its flagship product, the iPhone.

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in January 2007, shaping phone technology and design for years to come.

Many Apple users have seen a drastic change in features, style and software from the first iPhone to the iPhone 7.

The first iPhone offered 4 or 8 gigabytes, a two-megapixel camera, automatic rotation of the screen to match device orientation, light sensor to manage brightness, as well as the ability to charge and sync to iTunes.

Apple released the iPhone 7 on Sept. 21, nearly six years after the release of the first generation iPhone.

Any iPhone user remembers the launch of the iPhone 6 last year, displaying a new retina display, sleek design, a more advanced camera, as well as a home button that included Touch ID.

So, what’s new about the iPhone 7, and should you consider purchasing it?

For starters, the new iPhone offers a new jet-black finish, two cameras that shoot as one with 12 megapixels, stronger battery life and storage, iOS 10 software and a re-engineered home button.

“So far, I’ve been impressed with the extended battery life and the high-resolution camera. It picks up details that I’d miss with the previous iPhone cameras,” said Brian Steffen, professor of multimedia communication and iPhone 7 user. “I’ve also bought the 256 GB model, which is great for someone like myself who carries a lot of images, audio and video.”

The main concern for iPhone users, like public relations major Alex Shier, who has a passion for listening and sharing music, is that there is no headphone jack for headphones or auxiliary cords.

“The iPhone 7 losing the auxiliary port is a huge issue for me since I love sharing music whether it be playing in cars or at parties,” Shier said. “If I were to get the iPhone, I would wait until every speaker I come by is Bluetooth compatible.”

It’s a tough say whether or not the iPhone 7 is going to be a popular hit among the millennial technology-savvy generation, as well as older demographics.

Will you be jumping on the iPhone 7 train with the new features and systems, or will you remain with previous iPhone technology?