Should I bring sex toys into my bedroom? I don’t know what sex toys there are, much less how to choose.


Let’s jump right in to the wonders of sex toys.

There are tons of varieties, features and materials to consider.

It can be confusing to walk into an adult toy store and see so many new things.

That goes up there? That actually can fit in there? That’s for penises? That’s not? It’s all a little tricky.

But it is easy to decide once you decide what you want your sex toys to do for you. Adult toys are a great option for exploring your sexual preferences alone because there isn’t the risk of STI or pregnancy, and there is more freedom when you’re alone to figure out what you enjoy.

Dr. Ava Waddell, a sex counselor and author of NeuroLoveology, said: “When you go out to a restaurant, dessert is not necessary, but it sure is yummy when you have it. That’s how I think of sex toys. They’re just yummy enhancements.”

Sex toys can be a sexy new addition to our sex life. Whether you want to use sex toys alone or with a partner, they can create added sensation which can be very pleasurable. There are a few types of toys which each have their unique purposes: dildos, vibrators, nipple toys, exercises, penis rings and masturbation toys are some of the varieties.

For a beginner, vibrators, dildos and masturbation toys might be good options.

For female solo play, bullet-style vibrators and dildos might be most effective.

For male solo play, flashlights and cock rings are easy to start out with.

For partnered sex dildos, basic sadism and masochism kits or sexy costumes might be the spark you need.

Household items might also be good to try if you don’t want to run to the toy store right away.

Items like a feather duster, ice, a clean flyswatter or some sweets (whipped cream, chocolate syrup, etc.) could also be an easy solution.

You can find out more about different toys by doing some of your own research. offers comic-style reviews of many toys and can be a good resource for solo and coupled play. You can buy online if you like the privacy of your own home. Most places will ship the item in an unmarked box for your privacy.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can stop by your local adult store and see all that they have to offer. There is a Romantix store just off Southeast 14th Street if you are looking for somewhere close.

Salespeople are generally helpful resources, and they have seen a lot, to say the least, so don’t worry about being judged.

No matter which toy or if you choose to buy at all, keep an open mind. Trying something new is always a little awkward at first, especially because sex is so taboo in our culture. Try to have fun, and enjoy the ride.

— XO, Millie