Popularity of Columbia coats runs high on campus

by Morgan Perkins

When the weather requires that students pull on their winter coats, a big majority of them are wearing the Columbia brand.

Some advantages of having a Columbia coat is that they are warmer, more casual, and have zip-out linings, according to Jennifer Keul, assistant manager of Southridge Mall’s Maurices store.

“They are also warm, long, and have matching accessories which many students like,” Keul said.

Keul said that their sales remain good, as in past years.

Feshman Ashley Bennett said she purchased her Columbia coat because it is rated to stand up to temperatures 30 below zero.

On the other hand, students like sophomore Laura Nutgrass make the Columbia purchase because many of her friends own and recommend them.

Leather coats also have a stylistic appeal of their own that keeps them a popular choice for students.

Most students choose leather because of its classic style, according to Dawn Suliveres, assistant manager of Wilson’s Leather at Merle Hay Mall.

“The classic style buttons down the front and is great for casual wear,” Suliveres said.

Another advantage of leather coats is that “they are never out-dated,” according to Suliveres.

Both of these kinds of coats can put stress on the student’s pocketbook. The cost for leather coats starts around $99, according to Suliveres. Price tags on Columbia coats at the mall start around $150.

With the costs of coats, stores count on promotions to bring in periods of high sales.

Wilson’s Leather started having their promotions in October, according to Suliveres.

Even though they started having promotions early, their sales show a decline from last year.

No matter what style seems to be most fashionable, one feature never seems to lose popularity. A good winter coat has got to be warm!