Movie review: A Beautiful Mind

by Jolene Richeson

I enjoy movies that are a little off the wall and make you leave the theater wondering what the hell it was about. “A Beautiful Mind” did just that for me. Admittedly so, I wasn’t terribly excited to go see it due to the trailers and advertisements which made it seem like the proverbial ‘chick flick’ (yes, that’s right guys, not all chicks like them) with love being the all-mighty conquering force. Blah!

But, I was surprised to find that the love story was a tiny part of the whole production. Upon reflection, it was about a man searching for his identity and finding a world all of his own.

“A Beautiful Mind” stars Russell Crowe and Nobel Prize winner, John Forbes Nash Jr. When we are first introduced to Nash, we see him as a Princeton graduate student and an eccentric loner obsessed with finding a truly original idea. Eventually he does come up with an idea, and writes a revolutionary paper on game theory.

We soon discover that he has a small line drawn between reality and fiction. Slowly he begins crossing the line back and forth until eventually no line exists at all. Nash is a schizophrenic who deals with the people in his head better than those who surround him. After the discovery of his severe mental condition, with his supportive wife by his side, he then has to decide what is real and what is not.

This is a movie I think everyone will enjoy. There are some great lines used throughout the movie to help lighten the load. For all the saps out there, there are times you may get choked up, some people were in fact crying (present party excluded of course). I gave it 4 stars, it always kept me interested and hardly ever disappointed.

And besides who am I to argue with the Golden Globes? A Beautiful Mind won for Best Motion Picture for Drama, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Connelly’s portrayal as Nash’s wife, and Best Screenplay.