The siesta: as valuable to the Mexican culture, as it is to daily life at college


by Lindsey Masters

Well, for those of you out there wondering if siestas (naps) are truly a part of Mexican culture, I have the answer-yes, and they are great!

As soon as you eat lunch, it is off to nap. No one hassles you about being tired because everyone takes a siesta in the afternoon.

However, there are variations in the way people choose to sleep. You can certainly sleep as most Americans tend to, in a bed. Or, if you prefer a real challenge, try out the hamacas (hammocks)!

Though they are similar to those found in some backyards, they are much stronger and more comfortable. They are found in nearly every bedroom in the Yucatan.

Most people prefer them to beds because of the extreme heat here. You will definitely stick to your sheets if you sleep under the covers! Anyway, the hammocks are connected to hooks in the wall. However, please heed this warning- you must enter butt-first or dangerous consequences will follow.

If you just take a run and jump in, your head will become a good friend with the floor! That’s right, your booty is quite useful in this instance. The bigger it is, the better, because it gives you more leverage. I definitely think the song

‘Back That Ass Up’ was written as a reminder to those using hamacas. Back it up, and all is okay. After that challenge is defeated, you lay back and relax!