Standards are high for summer orientation application process

by Mandy Frohling

Simpson College ensures that it has qualified staff at its summer orientation series by asking interested students to complete a fairly rigorous application process, similar to that of applying for a job in the real-world.

Because of this, many students are now busy filling out applications, asking for letters of recommendation and writing essays. They have also been forewarned to prepare for interviews with the admissions staff.

Despite all these factors, Admissions had a high number of applicants last year at this time. Sixty students applied for the leadership position and 20 people were selected. Sophomore Laina Toliver grabbed an application the first day they were available. “I thought the Orientation Leaders were so cool and it looked fun,” she said. Toliver is currently working on her short essays.

Alison Swanson, associate director of admissions, said that the office does not have one specific personality in mind for the job, but said that many different people should apply.

“All personality traits will work to be an orientation leader,” Swanson said. She also said that someone who is a people-person and who has high involvement on campus is a good candidate for the job.

To choose between all of the capable applicants, Swanson looks for a certain criteria in an application, beginning with a well-written, well-punctuated, complete application. Students should also type their application or use legible handwriting.

In addition, typing out the application and essays, or legible handwriting, is important with complete information. The last in-person interview is the last deciding factor in choosing an applicant.

These summer orientation leaders help transition the incoming freshman into college life. They are specially selected and trained to work individually with students and in a small group.

Some basic qualifications of this job include being enrolled as a full time student at Simpson College and having a good grade point average.

Applications can be picked up in the Admissions Office. The deadline is Feb. 8. Training is April 14, June 18 and 27. Orientation days are June 19, 20 and 28.