Top Ten Albums of 2001

Top Ten Albums of 2001

by Dave Morain

1. Incubus – “Morning View”

This was far and away the best album of 2001. The way that they piece together what at first seems like a chaotic lump of chords and vocals to become the best music on the radio in almost a decade is beyond comprehension. It’s nice to finally have music that means something again.

2. Saves the Day – “Stay What You Are”

Punk band from New Jersey showing signs of growing up on their third album released on Vagrant Records. Catchy guitar riffs and poetic lyrics make them the best of what’s around.

3. Dashboard Confessional – “The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most”

Break off of what used to be Further Seems Forever shines through in their third album. Songs of heartbreak and growing up set over acoustic guitars make this a must have. It’s only a matter of time until they hit the big time.

4. The Strokes – “Is This It?”

Upstart band from New York shows us that drunken buffoonery can be rewarded with a promising musical career. “Last Night” and “Someday” have become staples of college radio.

5. Weezer – “The Green Album”

It’s hard to find a band with such broad appeal as Weezer. Their catchy tunes can make you laugh just as easily as they can make you bang your head. “Hashpipe” was a bit overplayed, but “Photograph” is a gem that the radio hasn’t touched yet.

6. Ben Folds – “Rockin’ The Suburbs”

First solo effort from uber-pianist and former front man of the Ben Folds Five turned out better than most expected. No truth in advertising here; this album is much slower than any of the Five’s previous releases. However, “Fred Jones Part 2” is the best ballad of the year.

7. Better Than Ezra – “Closer”

Who can argue with plain old rock and roll? Good lyrics and guitar work make for a great album, though they are often looked over as one of today’s hottest bands. “Misunderstood” and “Extra Ordinary” definitely get your feet tapping.

8. Stone Temple Pilots – “Shangri-La Dee Da”

Scott Weiland is off drugs and focusing on the music, bringing back some of the rock we remember from “Purple”, their seconds album. A little more mature than in his heroin days, Weiland’s lyrics have taken on a more serious tone in songs like “Too Cool Queenie” (about Courtney Love?) and “A Song For Sleeping” (written for his son).

9. Old 97 – “Satellite Rides”

Is it country or rock? Either way, Old 97 integrates some southern guitar work into their catchy tunes you’ll hum all day. “Question” and “Designs on You” have been featured on Dawson’s Creek, though we’ll try not to hold that against them.

10. Dave Matthews Band – “Everyday”

Everyone’s favorite band took on a new producer to make “Everyday” one of the best selling albums of last year. “I did it” is over-rated, but “Angel” more than makes up for it. They will be in Ames in late April (tickets go on sale Saturday) so don’t miss it!