Students turning green over recycling


by Brandon Newell

Efforts to revamp Simpson College’s recyling program are beginning to see success.

The college, in association with McCoy Sanitation, first implemented the plan last semester. It is beginning to receive acknowledgement from students on campus.

According to members of the Progressive Action Coalition, reform of the old recycling plan was undertaken because there actually was no recycling plan in place.

This resulted in PAC drafting changes that are producing results.

Student Senate sponsored the plan and Ken Birkenholtz, vice president for business and finance, matched the rest.

Simpson students who are eager to participate in the recycling program can do so with ease.

“In apartments the bins are located by the dumpster, while residence halls have the bins in the hallways,” said assistant hall director, junior Wendy Cooper. “All the residents have to do is separate the items individually and make the walk to the bins.”

“Students should look at the bottom of the item for the recycling sign to illustrate what kind of plastic: either type number one or number two for the separating procedure,” said Anderson.

Students’ responses to the new reform have indicated signs of success.

“The women of Kresge Hall suggest the implemented plan is working well. Ray and Tina of Simpson Maintenance have told me with enthusiasm that students are actually participating in the recycling program and have reduced the amount of trash,” said Anderson.

PAC members have said they see a future in the recycling program.

“Thoughts have been to extend the recycling program into the Greek houses and the academic buildings next year,” said Anderson.

Anderson said consumers should be more responsible about the items they purchase.

“When buying goods…just to try buy things that can be recycled,” she said.