2002 Drag Show showcases students’ creativity and sense of style

by Mandy Frohling

Stilettos, fake eyelashes and primped hair were abundant in Great Hall Monday night for the Second Annual Simpson College Drag Show 2002, sponsored by LGBTQA.

Four ladies and one man competed against each other for the chance to be Miss Simpson College 2002.

They were judged based on a brief interview, consisting of one question and also on a talent portion, consisting of a song and dance.

The reigning Miss Simpson College 2001 was Sandy Bottoms (senior Joey Begovich), returned again for this year’s show by doing an opening dance routine to “Stranger in my House.”

The contestants, with names such as “Larry” and “Fruit Cocktail,” were dressed in extravagant outfits and did outrageous routines.

“Gracie Mae” (sophomore Cory Pfister), said he would “spread love across the campus” if chosen as Miss Simpson College 2002, gave a smashing rendition of Macy Gray’s “I am a sex-o-matic.”

“Irish Cream” (sophomore Michael Raguet) said he believes being Miss Simpson College 2002 is “a calling.”

After all the songs were sung and the questions answered, the winner was carefully chosen. Despite her shoe problems halfway in her performance, “Evelyn Wadsworth,” (senior Ed Guthrie) was named Miss Simpson College 2002. Guthrie was awarded a make-up starter kit from Miss Powers and a cash prize from LGBTQA.

Despite the show’s ability to attract beautiful ‘women’ and wonderful acts, sponsors of LGBTQA said that they faced some initial complications with getting this year’s show off the ground.

“We weren’t given as much funds from Senate this year,” said Kate Parker, the president of LGBTQA.

The event was started last year by one of LGBTQA former members, who borrowed the idea from group adviser Dan Bauer, who remembered a similar event at his college.

Last year’s Drag Show attracted more than 200 viewers. Although the audience was smaller and there were fewer contestants, the group members called this year’s show a success.

Along with the student entertainment, Taryn Powers, a performer at a Des Moines club called The Garden, was present. In addition to performing, Powers judged alongside Nick Proctor, assistant professor of history, and Robyn Copeland, circulations supervisor.