Friedrick’s book topics span the centuries

Friedricks book topics span the centuries

by Christy Smith

Being the author of two books was just not enough for Bill Friedricks, professor of history; he is currently working on his third book.

“California”, Friedrick’s first book, was published by Ohio State University Press in 1992, according to Friedricks.

This book was a revised version of his graduate school dissertation.

“This study examined Henry Huntington and the role he played in laying out the Los Angeles basin with his streetcar companies, real estate development and electric power generation between 1900’s and 1920’s,” Friedricks said.

The second book Friedricks wrote is titled “Covering Iowa: The History of the Des Moines Register and Tribune Company”.

“This book traces the development of the newspaper and its impact on Iowa from its founding in 1849 up through the mid-1990’s. This book was published by the Iowa State University Press in 2000,” Friedrichs said.

Friedricks’ involvement with different publishing companies came about through his own search. By sending summaries of his manuscripts to presses that had published books similar to his, Friedricks was able to get his books published.

Friedricks’ latest project is a biography of Des Moines businessman and philanthropist John Ruan.

“Mr. Ruan came across my name from reading my book on the ‘Register’. We talked for several months, and I began working on the book last February,” Friedricks said.

According to Friedricks, the most important thing a person should know about writing a book is that rewriting is very important.

“I think rewriting is one of the most important things a person can do. Send copies of chapters to people whose judgement you trust, and get critiques from experts on the subject, as well as those who know nothing about it,” Friedricks said.