Suspense level stays up in ‘High Crimes’

“High Crimes” is a suspense-filled drama that uses powerful characters to keep both male and female audiences engaged from start to finish.

Big-time actors Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd both pull off quality performances. The plot is unlike one that has been done before. Judd’s character is a successful lawyer, who seems to have everything in her life planned out. She is a smart and confident woman whose life seems to be headed exactly where she wants it to go. She and her husband seem happily married, and are planning to start a family when everything falls apart. Judd’s husband is apprehended by the military and charged with a very serious crime that would mean the death penalty, if convicted.

Judd finds herself powerless and clueless on what to believe. Her husband has a past life that she knows nothing about, and the more she learns about it, the more danger she puts herself in.

Judd finds help during this chaotic time from an old-time lawyer, played by Freeman, who rides a motorcycle and reputation for a wild lifestyle, a stark contrast to Judd’s no-nonsense attitude.

Freeman’s character helps Judd unravel the realities of the crimes her husband is accused of and goes to unconventional lengths to gather the vital information that the military is keeping from them.

After many ups and downs, and malicious threats upon the safety of everyone involved, it seems as if everything is finally resolved with the military case, but that is actually when the true story begins, and it takes the viewer through an unexpected course of events. The viewer loses track of who the good guys are and is forced to work through a totally different interpretation of reality, but the plot still maintains its credibility by not straying beyond what the viewer can accept.

I thought that this was the best movie released in months, especially in the category of ones suitable for both guys and girls to see. I liked seeing Freeman in this role that took a different spin on his traditional character that is typically a flawless professional. Freeman seemed more human in this role by having a life and attitude his audience can relate to more easily.

I thought that Judd stayed stellar throughout the movie. Women will appreciate the bravery and determination she projects through her character, while she still shows that she is a real woman who her audience can relate to.

In conclusion, I would recommend this movie as a must-see. It exceeded any expectations I had for it. If you’re looking for a movie that will be sure to satisfy, go see “High Crimes.”