Mass e-mail mayhem warrants a response

This past week we have seen many people targeting the student senate and our student body officials mostly complaining about how senate is being run.

Most of the complaints of this administration are completely unjustified.

Ever since Student Body President Jake Abel and Student Body Vice President Pearl Podgorniak have stepped into office, the senate body has only worked for the betterment of the student body as a whole.

Sen. Brian Depew, representing Buxton Hall, has decided that the best interest of the student body is to create ruckus on our campus and in the senate room.

Depew has caused trouble for Abel and the student senate ever since he lost the election for Student Body President.

Two examples of such actions are fresh in my mind.

First, the littering of the campus with many flyers that stated that closed cabinet meetings are undemocratic. (Before Abel and Podgorniak took office, all cabinet meetings were closed.)

This created a ruckus on campus that Abel had to address by sending an e-mail to the student body explaining his actions.

In the senate room, Depew argues against Abel whenever he gets the chance.

When he does not have a chance to contest vocally to Abel, he mutters things under his breath. The best example of this is in dealing with the recent problems of senate not having quorum.

Abel addressed the student body by e-e-mail and requested that there not be a mass e-mail campaign.

Depew then took it upon himself again to oppose Abel, by writing his own biased opinion of what had happened in the previous three senate meetings. (One of which he did not attend.)

Like Podgorniak said in her e-mail addressing the Simpson Community, “What Brian addresses as fact actually represents a very biased opinion and skewed view of the most recent senate meeting(s).”

Depew’s recent behavior is completely unacceptable.

I have been a candidate in a number of electoral races here at Simpson and I have yet to win one.

However, I believe that it is possible to go on and work with those who have won, for the betterment of this college. It is also possible and necessary to not seek revenge on those who have been elected.

I challenge all senators to be present at senate meetings so this ruckus can stop and we can get back to the business at hand.

In addition, to anyone who is not a voting senator, urge your senators to show up and represent you and/or attend student senate meetings for yourself. We meet on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.

See what is really going on in the Senate and do not listen to the complaints of those who have a biased opinion.

Joshua Brown

CMS Senator