Austin teaches women to negotiate salaries

by Jessica Savage

Journalist Elizabeth Austin visited Simpson College on Tuesday for a discussion on how women can learn to negotiate in the career world as part of Women’s History Month activities.

Austin’s book “The Good Girl’s Guide to Negotiating” discusses how women often do not stand up for themselves when it comes to issues like divorce or buying a car.

“In large part, what motivated me to invite her to campus is for her to speak to upcoming graduates about negotiating their first salary,” said psychology professor Sal Meyers.

Meyers said many women graduates simply do not know how to negotiate their salary while most men do. Raises are generally percentage increases of that first initial salary and women will be stuck with smaller earnings.

Austin’s book examines the problem of women not being able to negotiate, mainly due to the fact that women are taught at a young age to help others before helping themselves.

Her book also explains how these traits can help women rather than hurt them. A person who is a good listener and observer can also learn to make a good deal.

Austin discusses how women can actually become negotiators and get more of what they deserve.

Austin’s lecture is a part of a month-long celebration of women. This year’s theme for Women’s History Month is “Women Acting Up.”

Meyers feels this lecture and others can help show “Simpson students what they can do with their own lives or the lives of women.”