Students wait for assignment of work study jobs

by Jasmynne Sloan

Several students are still waiting for the financial aid office to assign them work study jobs on campus.

These students were given jobs in their financial aid package in order to help pay for their expenses.

It is common for the financial aid office to have a few students that still need work study at this time of the year.

“We have a wait list of students needing work study jobs every year,” said Bill Geiger, associate director of financial assistance.

Due to the large freshmen class this fall, Geiger felt proud of the percentage of students that do have jobs.

“When I saw how large this year’s class was, I was a little nervous about getting everyone placed, but I feel really good about the number of students who have work study,” he said.

There are 645 students on campus who have work study jobs out of a total of 1,353 full-time students.

As of Sept. 10, there were 24 students listed who needed jobs and there is a chance that some of them will not get a job on campus.

“The college is not obligated in any way to find every student a job. When we send out the letters to tell them that they’re on a wait list, we aren’t promising to find them a place to work,” said Geiger.

“If Simpson doesn’t assign me a job, I’m going to be broke for a while until I can find a job somewhere else,” said freshman Tiffany Rubicam, a student on the wait list for work study.

Many decided not to hassle with the wait list by either not working or getting a job off campus.

“They told me at orientation that all the jobs were full and I’d just be on the wait list, so I decided not to worry about getting a job,” said freshman Jess Bowen.

“A lot of the people who were on our list have gotten jobs around town or in Des Moines,” said Geiger.

There is a high probability that the remainder of students on the list will be placed with jobs in the near future. Not every single job opening has been filled and there may be more openings created.

“We may let departments have a few more students than their budgets to allow for those students who will have to stop working at semester,” said Geiger.

One place that still needs employees is the mailroom.

“I have been working closely with financial aid to get more students in the mail room,” said Sue Bowlin, mailroom manager.

Bowlin feels positive that the financial aid office will find her workers.

“We don’t have as many students as we usually do, but financial aid is very good about filling the openings with students who need jobs,” she said.

Student employers on campus feel that the work study system works well for themselves and for the students working for them.

“I greatly appreciate having students in the mailroom. They’re always a big help,” said Bowlin.

“Work study is good for students because it gives them another advisor in a way, and it gives them a sense of responsibility,” said sophomore Anita Zahs.

Students still on the wait list hope to be placed soon.

“I didn’t receive any information about how long I’ll be waiting for a job, and I hope I get one soon. I need the money for my college tuition, not just to have spending money,” said Rubicam.