Housing units broken into over weekend

by Julie Loven

Two sorority houses and two residence halls were broken into early Sunday morning.

“We had individuals gain access to Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Picken and Kresge,” said Chris Frerichs, director of campus security.

According to Frerichs, all of the break-ins are probably related.

“We don’t know for sure but we’re assuming they’re all related,” he said.

In Tri Delta, an individual or individuals gained access and ransacked the house, making a mess with undergarments, lotions and toilet paper.

“We’re not sure how they got into Tri Delta, or any of the buildings,” said Frerichs.

In the residence halls, the individual(s) broke in and turned off breakers.

“The person or persons who broke into the residence halls knew what they were doing because somehow they had to know where the breakers were,” said Frerichs. “Not all of the breakers are in places of common knowledge.”

The break-in at Kappa Kappa Gamma is being treated a little differently.

“We don’t know the specifics but apparently a white male tried to access KKG on Sunday during the day,” said Frerichs. “Members of that house were extremely upset.”

The security office is currently working on leads to find out who did this to these buildings.

“It could very well be the case that all the break-ins were pranks being pulled in regards to Homecoming week,” said Frerichs.

No one was reported harmed in any of the incidents.