Football game center of Homecoming hype

Football game center of Homecoming hype

by Alysun O'Brien

The football game, which wraps up the end of Homecoming week, tends to be the main focus of Homecoming week for many Simpson students.

“I think the football game is the focus of attention,” said senior football player Brad Gibson. “It’s the game that alumni come back for.”

Football seems to be the main athletic event for Homecoming week due to the fact that it draws in largest crowd for the week of athletic events.

“I think football is the main focus,” said senior Amy VanPelt. “It gets the most attendance out of other athletic events for Homecoming week.”

The football game is also a main event because it is fall and football is the main sport for the season. “Football brings in more of a crowd because it’s the bigger sport of the season,” said senior soccer player Christy Pierick. “And football is the sport of the fall season.”

Many students feel that it’s not just the football game that attracts students; it’s the events leading up to the game as well.

“The athletic events are the main focus,” said senior Angie Irmiter. “But other events such as Yell Like Hell and the Skits all lead up to the big weekend.”

The week of athletics started off with the Simpson volleyball team playing Luther Oct. 15. The team then takes its weekend trip St. Louis, Mo. to play Washington University on Friday and Saturday.

The football team is hoping for a victory in Saturday’s game.

“I think our Homecoming game is all about school spirit and support,” said Gibson. “We would like to get a win for our fans including the alumni that come back for Homecoming.

The women’s and men’s soccer teams will be hosting Dubuque later Saturday evening with the women starting play at 6 p.m. and the men following at 8 p.m..

“Even though the main fan base goes to the football game, we hope and would appreciate if it carried into the night soccer games,” said senior soccer player Christy Pierick.

Homecoming week hype seems to play an important role with attendance to the athletic events hosted during the week by motivating people to get into the school spirit. “(The homecoming games) are more important,” said VanPelt. “There are more activities and events for students to get involved in.”