Abel vetoes budget

by Letter to the editor

Last week, the Student Senate passed SSR F02-001, the Student Senate Budget for 2002-2003. This resolution containing the budget is perhaps the most debated budget in recent times for the Simpson Student Senate.

The discussion and debate that have taken place are evidence that the student government at Simpson is reaching new levels. The Student Senate is holding itself and other organizations accountable to the student body. Also, the Senate has closely scrutinized this year’s budget after it was turned over by the Cabinet.

While all the debate and discussion over what programs should get what funding may make it seem as though the Senate is spinning its wheels, the Senate is actually fulfilling its most basic role: to make decisions on behalf of the student body as to how the student government fee is spent.

I applaud the Student Senate on their dedication to allocating money in a deliberate manner.

However, in the debate over the KSTM allocation last week, the Senate (myself included) overlooked a different allocation that I now believe deserves to be examined due to new information.

At the time the Cabinet made its recommendation for intramurals, it was made only with the incomplete information that was provided. Therefore, intramurals unintentionally took a cut in the budget proposed by the Cabinet.

For this reason, I have vetoed the budget passed by the Senate on Sept. 25. It is my hope, that by the time this issue is in print, the Senate has looked at the intramural case and either amended the budget or passed SSR F02-001 a second time. In either case, the budget will be finalized by Thursday, Oct. 3.

Finally, a few words in regard to the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of those involved with the KSTM debate.

By now, the budget is finalized and the amount of money allocated to KSTM can’t be changed. For those who opposed the increased allocation: I ask that the Senate and the student body support KSTM throughout the year.

Whether or not you agreed with the decision, the money is allocated, and the wisest thing to do is to support the station and get our money’s worth.

For those who are involved with the station this year: I wish you the best, and hope you can prove those who opposed the increase wrong by having a stellar broadcasting year.

Jake Abel

Student Body President