Hooligans go crazy supporting Storm soccer


by Alysun O'Brien

Simpson’s soccer teams have been graced with the presence of some loyal student fans this season in hopes that it will help them get motivated to win.

“Some of us used to play (soccer),” said senior Dillon Phillips. “So we are huge fans, and everyone does it for football so we wanted to show our support for soccer.”

The men’s fan base consists of about 10-15 men who are either past soccer players or part of the fan base that used to sit outside the fraternities when soccer games were played on the old soccer field.

“It’s a big help to have the crowd’s enthusiasm,” said senior Matt Edgington. “The noise distracts the opposing team, but helps motivate us.”

The men’s student-fans have been in attendance at every home game and plan on traveling to some away games that are close to Indianola.

“The opponents seem to respond to our fans,” said senior Brian Mann. “So it’s always a good thing when the opposing team is distracted.”

The fans are talking about making T-shirts for the upcoming Luther game, which is a home game Oct. 12, to support the soccer team.

The group of fans realize that you can take cheering only so far.

“We got warned for using some profanity,” said Phillips. “But we calmed down after that, we just got a little carried away.”

The coaching staff is also pleased with the noise coming from the bleachers.

“The support on Saturday [at the Wartburg games] was tremendous,” said Head Coach Aziz Haffar. “It motivated the players and inspired them to play harder.”

The women’s team has also got a group of fans that attend home games. The group consists of six to eight women who live in the Hamilton Apartments.

“I go and support the team because my favorite cousin [senior Christy Pierick] is part of the team,” said senior Sandy Beattie.

The women’s fan base tries to make every home game and hopes to also travel to some of the closer away games.

“[The noise] benefited us,” said Pierick. “We played with more energy and we were having fun.”

The parents even seemed to get into the game a little more with some extra cheering coming from the crowd.

“One of the mothers came up to me and said that was the most fun she’s had at a soccer game,” said Beattie.

The extra support seems to be helping the soccer teams with the women having an 8-1 record and the men with a 6-2-1 record. Players seem to enjoy having a crowd behind them that will make some noise.

“The players really appreciate the support,” said Haffar. “We just need to make sure to represent Simpson in a classy manner.”

“We really appreciate all the support that the crowd comes out and shows,” said Edgington. “We just hope it continues.”