What student center?

by Editorial

Simpson College’s Campus Vision Plan suggests many changes throughout the campus, including possible changes to the Brenton Student Center. Many students will agree that the student center does not serve its purpose. Mony students are using BSC just to check their mail and eat at the grill.

A student center should be a gathering place where students feel comfortable hanging out with friends. Also, a good student center would be large enough to hold events, such as concerts and other CAB sponsored events, without students feeling crowded and confined. In fact, CAB events might get a better turn out if there was a good place on campus for such events to be held.

A new student center should be considered a fun place to go while strolling through campus. Right now students seem to think of BSC as a place they have to truck through campus to get to, only to be disappointed to find that the only mail they have is junk. Students are looking for a place with a cozy atmosphere where they can socialize with friends and faculty members. BSC is just not cutting it.

A new, more modern student center would be another way to attract new students to the campus. High school seniors are looking for a place to belong, and a new student center that students actually use might be just the ticket to keep enrollment growing.

Other colleges and universities feature coffee shops, game rooms, lounges and other ammenities that create a gathering point for students. The opportunities are endless.

Simpson needs to look into changing the current student center into a place that students can call their own. A larger, more student-friendly venue will help to create unity among students already on the Simpson campus and will also be a great new selling point for the college.