Ads or ethics?

by Letter to the Editor

After perusing last week’s Simpsonian (Oct. 10), one can draw at least two conclusions:

* Problematic alcohol consumption is being actively addressed and confronted by Simpson and The Simpsonian.

* Both of these entities promote alcohol consumption and abuse.

This strange juxtaposition comes to bear as one glances at page 1, containing three stories relating to alcohol consumption and abuse (“Crime statistics up in 2001,” “Alcohol poisoning reported on campus,” and the news brief “Alcohol poisoning caused by drinking games”), then flips to page 2, which yields two further sections – one editorial (Alcohol awareness not a lost cause for students”) and one student poll (Storm on the Street question, “Should Simpson do more to raise alcohol awareness?) – regarding alcohol awareness. One finally lands (quite shockingly) on page 11, where a Citgo advertisement proudly announces specials on Corona 12-packs and (can you say common source?) Keystone Light KEG specials.

In light of Simpson’s alcohol policy and the supposed “alcohol awareness” focus exhibited in this week’s paper, this kind of advertising is clearly a hypocrisy.

Combined with the ever-popular Diamond Dave’s advertisements highlighting weekly drink specials, it would be difficult to put down The Simpsonian with a notion of increased alcohol awareness.

Rather, one would likely be thinking about when to pick up that keg or who to join at Diamond Dave’s for “Margarita Monday”.

Until such time as the actions of The Simpsonian become undeniably congruent with the published values and beliefs of this institution, every single bit of alcohol awareness should be taken with a grain of salt.

Steve Horvath

Tim Reuter