Candidates for Student Body President

Michael Schrodt

I am Michael Schrodt and continuing my service to the Simpson Community I am running for President. I am doing so because after visiting with Housing Units, Organizations, and Students; I feel that Student Government has not done enough to improve Simpson College in the areas of increasing turn out at Campus Events, making the student’s voices heard more by the administration, and increase diversity awareness.

During my time here at Simpson, I have been active in Student Government working in the Student Senate and on the Cabinet to make Simpson a better place. As Student Body Treasurer, I have worked with Dean Thorius, to create the compromise that has given the Student Senate more control of their funds and appropriations power. Now Student Government receives bi-semester updates of our budget and organization can no longer receive funds without turning in receipts. This is increasing the over all budget by managing our money more accurately. In the end, this will increase the total amount of money we have to give out.

As your President, I plan to address each of these issues and more on behalf of all students here at Simpson. Working with Organizations and the Student Senate I plan to propose a new executive level position to be known as the Director of Campus Organizations. This person is to attend the meetings of all Campus organizations at least once a semester or upon request by an organization, this will foster increased lines of communications between Student Government and Student Organizations as well as communication between individual organizations. Organizations will then be able to work more closely together to co-sponsor events, share labor power, finances if necessary, and other resources that organizations my have. This Director will not take away from an organization’s right to work independently, but actually adds another resource organizations can call upon for help. The goal of this position is to increase Student Participation in Organizations, increase turnout at Campus events, and increase the ability for organizations to operate.

The Students of Simpson College need a leader who will take the reigns of Student Government and will work to get things done. I am that leader; I have the experience, the ideas, and the drive to make Simpson College a better campus and community for all of us.

Cory George

When we are elected to represent the students of Simpson College we all take an oath saying that we will do everything within our power to best represent our constituents. In order to best represent the constituents of Simpson College I would serve best as the Student Body President. Right now, more than ever before, Simpson and the students are changing. During this changing period the student body needs to stand up and take an active roll in shaping this institution’s future. This is where I come in to play. As Student Body President, I would help foster ideas within the student body and also equally represent the student body. With my past experience and my connections on campus I would be the best candidate to represent the student body and foster relationships between the students, faculty and staff.