Candidates for RLC President

Cory Flanigan

As a freshman in high school I met the chaplain and the Religious Life Council President at a youth gathering, and since that experience I have wished to share my enthusiasm, as they did, for not only the Religious Life program, but also for Simpson College.

I have already shared my enthusiasm in the many aspects of RLC that I have been involved in during the last two and a half years. These include: student chaplain of outreach (currently), chapel brass member and leader (2 years), Bible study with Patty LaGree (2 years), Esther-United Methodist Women’s Circle, and regularly attend campus worship, as well as serve on the tech-team.

In participating in these activities I have devoted not only my time, but also my passion to RLC, and I have a strong interest in strengthening the program. I want members of the Simpson campus, regardless of their religious beliefs, to feel welcome in all aspects of the Religious Life.

Also, I hope to create a greater awareness for the community, programs, and services that the Religious Life has to offer, and inform the public of how the funding from student government is used. Ministry is the walk of life I have chosen as a vocation, and I hope by becoming an influential RLC President I can effectively serve the Simpson Community.

Katie Ziskovsky

I am running for the position of RLC President because I feel a strong call to make a difference on this campus.

In the book Common Fire the authors write, “an effective college education includes experiences that challenge unexamined assumptions, sustain more complex understandings of oneself and others, and enables students to form commitments in a relativized world.”

This time in our lives is about figuring out who we are and what we are about and then applying that to our lives when we leave here. RLC can and should be a place where we can explore concepts and share with one another so that we will gain the confidence to live a meaningful life. Students from all faith traditions should feel comfortable in this community, because it is only through our diversity that we will realize how much we have in common.

In the past, RLC has been seen as an exclusive group on this campus, but I believe my relationships with other students on campus will help others feel comfortable and welcomed in the community as well.