Belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly?

Belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly?

by Jessica McDonald

With winter just around the corner, the opportunity for outdoor activities is dwindling.

It is easy for students to become more sedentary during the winter months. The sub-zero temperatures and snow on the ground make it less appealing to venture outside for a little exercise.

“People are generally less active in the winter,” said Stephanie Layne, service director at Des Moines’s southside YMCA. “They continue to eat the same if not more with the holidays, which can lead to winter weight gain.”

Simpson students are fortunate to have a newly renovated weight room to help prevent winter weight gain. Simpson’s fitness center is equipped with various options for cardio workouts and numerous weight machines, along with free weights.

“It is important to have variation in one’s workout,” said Layne.

Simpson offers water aerobics for students who suffer from a monotonous workout routine. Sessions are at 8 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at the pool in Cowles.

“Water aerobics is an opportunity for students to work out and meet new people,” said junior instructor Jessica Ruby.

Working out with other people offers more motivation to continue their exercise routine.

“My friends talked me into going to water aerobics,” said junior Amanda Bix. “I think it’s a more fun way of exercising.”

There are other options for an indoor workout at off campus locations. The YMCA offers several classes; high-and low-impact aerobics, body sculpting classes, pilates and yoga. Indianola Parks and Recreation also has several options. There is a water aerobics class, low impact aerobics classes and ChicoMetrics. ChicoMetrics is a program that focuses on deep muscle toning. There is no impact and the workout is based on isometric muscle contractions.

These alternative exercise options will hopefully get students motivated to stay active.

“Exercise is important not only for weight control, but also important in leading an overall healthy lifestyle,” said Layne.

“Exercise is a good stress reliever for me,” said Ruby. “It is also a good break from my normal routine.”