Apartment purchase economically sound, but questionable

by The Simpsonain

Last month, the college shelled out $1 million to purchase the Godwin Apartments east of campus. With one of the largest freshman classes in recent years, Simpson will soon be in need of more housing for upperclassmen. New apartments are a reasonable solution to that demand.

Adding additional housing gives another boost to the college’s efforts to keep as many students on campus as possible, furthering the community aspect of Simpson.

Rather than start from scratch by building a new housing complex, Simpson instead opted to purchase the apartment units. The deal will force tenants, many of whome are elderly, to move from their homes over the next several months.

The college has made a sound economic decision for the long run and will provide greater freedom in future campus improvements.

But where should the line be drawn? Elderly tenants are being forced from their homes and were informed of this during the holiday season.

And this is not the first time Simpson has chosen this course of action. Several years ago, the college purchased the Colonial and Washington Apartments, located on Buxton Street. These apartments also housed elderly individuals who expressed concern over their displacement.

Simpson tried to make friends by assisting in finding new homes for the residents and by providing Simpson students as movers. The students volunteered their time, moving boxes and heavy furniture for the residents. The college has vowed to do the same this time around.

While these acts of good will are good for the image of the college, it does very little to ease the minds of those who are being forced from their homes.