Eddy’s Adventures in Hi-Fi

by Matt Edwards

In his debut solo release, “The Fine Art of Self Destruction”, Jesse Malin has put together all the crucial elements needed for a great rock record.

The album has the sound of early Tom Petty, his lyrics are in the stylings of Springsteen, and Malin’s vocals have the same melancholy feel of that of the Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz.

Perhaps that is why Duritz has proclaimed Malin’s album as the best of the year.

Ryan Adams produced and contributed to “Self Destruction,” which only strengthens Malin’s credentials even more.

Adams has also had a few words to say of Malin:

“Jesse’s a genius. He scares me he’s so good,” said Adams.

This album has a lot of hype, but it completely delivers. It is a straight up rock n’ roll album: big guitars, solid drums, and enough piano and organ to add character. The songs on the album have such a great familiar feel, you’d swear you’d heard them before upon first listen.

“The Fine Art of Self Destruction” is an emotional rollercoaster, but don’t get off before the ride is over – you’d hurt yourself and you would miss out on the full experience of enjoying everything this album has to offer. So just pop it in the stereo and let the baby spin its heart out.

Malin jumps from the slow, heartfelt “Solitaire,” straight to the toe-tapping “Almost Grown” with ease.

The albums final cut, “Cigarettes and Violets,” is a great flowing piece that really displays Malin’s raw vocals. It’s the kind of song that is great to listen to when everything is going wrong.

The first single is also the first track of “Self Destruction.” Entitled, “Queen of the Underworld,” it is a solid song on an album full of solid songs. In fact, there are no true standouts on this album, yet any of the songs could easily stand up on their own.

This is the kind of record where you can turn it up, lay back, and stare at the ceiling and be perfectly content.

The more of the album you hear, the more it will remind you of great American rock icons. Jesse Malin has put out what is in line to be one of the best albums of this young year. Go out and buy it; you won’t be disappointed.