Nerf Herder’s at it again

by Matt Edwards

In their third official full-length release, “American Cheese,” the boys from Nerf Herder continue to put out what they are known for: solid nerd rock with comical lyrics.

The twelve track release lasts only 35 minutes, but you get tight, catchy songs that you would expect from the pop-punk genre. The album is entitled “American Cheese,” and is quite appropriate considering how many of the songs are based around cheesy, semi-immature lyrics.

However, that is exactly the formula that has given Nerd Herder its success up to this point.

In 1997, Nerf Herder scored considerable national exposure with the song “Van Halen,” in which they took some stabs at the veteran rockers in addition to paying them a tribute. The song was received well on the radio, and the video got into heavy rotation on MTV.

Lyrics like “sitting in my boxers eating applejacks…whacking it to late-night cinemax,” from American Cheese’s lead track, “Welcome to my World,” are a good example of the direction the band takes on many of its songs.

Despite the basic crude references, the band seems to have moved on to writing about relationships as well, giving them more of an emotional feel at times.

This is clearly shown on “Jacket,” in which a lost love is yearned for. “So much time I spent with you, now, all that’s left is tears falling off your bed,” is how the chorus chimes in.

Don’t worry though, you’ll still find enough crude and geeky topics to keep yourself singing long after the CD has finished spinning.

There are several “Star Trek” references, including a song titled, “Mr. Spock.” Of course, this kind of sci-fi homage has been present on all of the Herder’s albums.

There’s one song all about how nice it is to touch cashmere sweaters, as well as another that is about how Jenna Bush “looks hot in her tight jeans.” The lyrics truly are impressive.

“I don’t care who blows up the world, I only care about that girl,” the song goes on in a splendid rhyming fashion, so good at times that it’s probably not appropriate to reprint in the publication.

Needless to say, if you’re a guy and you’ve ever seen a picture of President Bush’s daughter, then this song will truly hit home for you.

Nerf Herder is basically The Bloodhound Gang meets Weezer (perhaps that’s why they have opened for both of those bands). “American Cheese” is what you would expect from them.

It doesn’t suck, but it isn’t superior to their prior work. As the hipsters would say, it is simply quality, catchy Nerd-Core music.

*On a 5 star scale.