Faculty take it to the hoop


by Jessica McDonald

Simpson professors have stepped out of the classrooms and onto the basketball courts once again this winter to challenge students.

This is the third straight year that Simpson faculty have participated in intramural basketball in the Men’s Open division. There has been a basketball team representing the faculty on and off for the past 15 years.

“It’s a good way to get some exercise and interact with students in a different environment besides the classroom,” said Werner Kolln, professor of chemistry.

Team captain, Jim Bohy, professor of computer science, leads the 12-player faculty team, or the “Faculty Follies” as they call themselves.

The Faculty Follies has faced a problem similar to other intramural teams. It’s hard to get everyone on the court and together at one time. At last Thursday night’s game, David Olsgaard, professor of physics, and Eduardo Magalheas, professor of political science, were the only two teammates who joined Kolln on the court.

“Basketball is my most enjoyable sport to play,” said Magalhaes. “It’s also fun to do something different with the students.”

Luck appeared to be on the side of the Faculty Follies when only three players came to play for the opposing team. The Follies still dropped a 42-55 decision to the student team.

Olsgaard came out and scored right away, Magalhaes directed the offense as point guard and Kolln clutched numerous offensive and defensive boards.

The team does not get discouraged with its losses. The Faculy Follies has tallied only two wins during this intramural season, but the team members continue to play, hoping to just have fun each week.

“We may not threaten student teams with our basketball skills, but we can threaten with grades,” said Magalhaes.