Women, sports and Title IX (female point of view)

by Shelly Zeller

Title IX strives to include women where they should’ve been years ago… the same place as men.

It is important to recognize that there is no mandate stating that Title IX requires a college to eliminate men’s teams to achieve compliance.

The thought that women gain opportunities while men lose them is completely misunderstood. As with all other aspects of Title IX, the regulation is intended to expand opportunities for both men and women in the sporting world.

It is a proven fact that woman who participate in team sports are less likely to drop out of school, smoke, drink or become pregnant. It is then no surprise that 87 percent of parents now accept the idea that sports are equally important for both genders.

Even through all this fuss, female athletes are not receiving equal treatment or opportunities after 30 years of Title IX exposure.

Although male and female participation in athletics has grown steadily, females lag in participation and scholarship opportunities and allocation of operating and recruitment budgets.

No, we have not yet reached the complete goal of Title IX and gender equity.

When looking at men and women participating in each sporting event here at Simpson, around 60 percent of men compete in athletics compared to 40 percent of women.

Yet, Simpson hosts nine different sports for each gender. Here at Simpson, everyone does have the equal chance to perform, but this doesn’t exist everywhere.

Title IX benefits men as well as it does women. This goal has strived to achieve equality, which benefits all students by moving toward creating school environments on and off the court where all students may learn and achieve the highest standards possible.

Title IX is not after cutting men’s sports, but allowing women to have a face at the sporting event as well.

I don’t agree with the fact that baseball programs are being cut to save women’s gymnastics teams, but we need to draw the line somewhere. If we don’t start to take action now, how are women ever going to be represented equally on the court, or anywhere for that matter?

What fun would it be men, to not have that women’s volleyball team to watch or a women’s basketball team to practice with and compete against?

Title IX is taking an effective step in dealing with gender inequality and allowing differences to slowly fade away, as they should have been many years ago.