Choir sings out on tragedies

by Vista Kalipa

The Simpson College choir will dedicate its Spring Concert, on Sunday, April 13, to innocent victims of terrorism, accidents and other threats; not only of war but of a number of other stand-offs.

The choir, under the direction of Instructor of Music James Kim, will perform a requiem mass by the French composer, Maurice Duruflé.

“I chose this particular work because it is one of the only few works to include the ‘In Paradisium’ at the end of the requiem,” said Kim. “I want people to get a sense of comfort and be able to concentrate on the music because it is very moving.”

The requiem mass is the funeral mass or mass for the dead in the Catholic liturgy. It is the one appointed by the Roman Catholic Church to be sung on the day or anniversary of the death or of the deceased, and also on the third, seventh, or thirtieth day after the burial. The word “requiem” refers to the mass itself and to the musical setting of the text.

“The requiem is not only special to the Catholic liturgy; it has a universal message to all mankind,” said Kim.

Kim and his choir will invite all members of the Simpson community to submit names of friends, relatives and other loved ones, for whom they’d like to dedicate this performance. They may submit these by e-mail to Kim. The dedication will also be extended to victims of 9/11 and the crew of the Columbia spacecraft. If these names are submitted in time, they’ll be included in the concert program.

“Well, personally, I have some people I will dedicate it [the requiem] to and I think it’s a way that we can, through music, do something about the situation of the world right now,” said junior Jessica Hurley. “It is a way for us to honor all the people who have been killed and their families in those tragedies.”

“While the religious aspect of the event does not hold a significant value for me, I believe it provides a positive outlet for those people who feel the desire to express grievance or sympathy [to their lost ones],” said junior Alicia Young.

This concert will be presented as a Vespers service rather than the “normal” concert hour. Sacred Latin music will also be presented in this program by the Women’s Chorale.

The concert will be performed at 7:30 p.m. instead of the previously scheduled 3 p.m. in Smith Chapel and it is open to all members of the community at no cost.