Artists sound off on war in Iraq

by Kate Paulman

Strong feelings on both sides of the war issue have been expressed in various ways on campus, but one event, a student-led display, is aimed at giving students a place to express feelings in an artistic manner.

The display will open at 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 6 in BSC. The display will continue until Sunday, April 13.

“This event is an artistic response to the strong feelings toward the war situation depicted around campus,” junior Christi Frye said. Frye helped to plan the event along with Mary Lundberg.

“[Mary and I] were just talking before our design history class,” Frye said.

“The idea came up jokingly. In the end we figured, why not?”

The display will exhibit art pieces done by students and faculty. The opening will be an opportunity for people to read poetry as well as perform any musical and theatrical pieces that have been prepared. Frye said she hopes the poetry will be typed so that can be displayed as well.

“Anyone can be involved,” Frye said. “All they have to do is inform me of their interest.”

Frye said that she was hoping for a bigger student response.

“We are happy with what has come about,” Frye said.