Turnout ‘Troubled’ at concert


by Kristy Raymond

Chicago based quartet, Troubled Hubble, rocked Hopper Gymnasium Friday night in celebration of 10 years of broadcasts from Simpson’s own radio station, KSTM 88.9 FM.

Approximately 100 students, faculty and staff turned out for the free concert and cake.

“I thought it was really sad that not too many people showed up,” freshman Erin Disney said. “For all the advertising and promotions, it seemed like a low turn out.”

Despite the low turnout, the crowed seemed to enjoy the show, their heads bopping and toes tapping, as the band’s electric bass vibrated throughout the gym.

“They’re fun, they’re happy, and they jump around,” freshman Ryan Lieser said of the band. “They’re good clean fun for the whole family- they’re freaking awesome.”

The show was to rap up at 10:30 p.m., but the band played on, letting the audience hear a few of their new songs. After the concert, the members of Troubled Hubble hung out at the Progressive Action Coalition House, and then retired to their hotel.