Soldiers wives speak out

The article by Amy Zoss shared many thoughts and feelings of students across the campus. Some feelings were in support of the war and some feelings opposed to the war. We cannot speak for the other people mentioned in the article, but we can speak for ourselves. We feel there was a misrepresentation and falsification of our quotes as they were used out of context. In normal circumstances the distortion of our words may not have been so personal. However, this is not a normal time, at least not for us as our husbands are currently in Iraq. When our words are taken out of context to inaccurately represent our thoughts and feelings regarding this war and the crosses it is very personal.

I, Emily Rouse, would like to say that I do wish for my husband to return home soon and safely. I would gladly give up all my worldly possessions to have my husband out of harms way and here with me. I do want this war to be over, as the article said. However, I want to make one point very clear: I am 100 percent in support of this war, President Bush and our troops. Most importantly I am in support of my husband, Cpl. Jason Rouse of the First Marine Division. I do not wish him to come home until his job is done in Iraq. That is his top priority at this time. It is my top priority to support them through constant prayer, love and letter writing. These are my responsibilities as his wife and I will do them in times of war and peace.

I, Amber Speck, would like to share that I am wearing and making U.S. ribbons to support our troops and provide a constant reminder to those involved in the war, who need our prayers. I believe the only effective action we can take right now is to pray for our troops, our leaders, the Iraqi people, Saddam and his regime.

Before the war started, I prayed, along with many others, that God would set up camp before our troops moved in and I believe that our prayers have been answered. We prayed that confusion and doubt would fall upon the Iraqi leaders. Seeing the surrender and abandonment of the Iraqi regime proves those prayers were answered. God is bigger than this. He is in control. He has the master plan and I can already see the good coming from Operation Enduring Freedom. The war is not over yet but the Iraqi people now feel free to express their true feelings. They no longer feel suppressed by an evil dictator. My husband’s unit has already begun to restore Iraq. They are actively working to restore order and help the Iraqis establish a stable government. I, like Emily, strongly support him and those with him through prayers, letters and love. Of course I would like him to come home, but not until his job is done.

If you are interested in supporting our troops by wearing a ribbon, you can call either x3622 or x3368. We are still making them because people everywhere are requesting them as they acknowledge the sacrifice our men are women are making for the Iraqi’s freedom as well as our freedom.

Emily Rouse and Amber Speck

senior and sophomore