Lazer girl makes the cut

by Kristy Raymond

Unlike most 11-year-old little girls, freshman Jamie Alexander loved to rock out to bands such as Nirvana, Korn and Ozzie Osbourne.

“I have listened to Lazer for a long time-since it first started when I was about 11,” Alexander said.

Being a fan of Des Moines based radio station, Lazer 103.3 FM is just one of the reasons why freshman Jamie Alexander was chosen to be Miss December in the radio station’s first ever calendar.

Just being a fan wasn’t enough to secure Alexander a spot on the Women of Rock calendar.

“First I had to take a headshot on Correll Modeling,” Alexander said. “They picked out 30 girls they liked, and then they called me and told me to go to Coconut Joe’s for judging.”

After three rounds of judging, Alexander was chosen to represent the station on its calendar.

“We wanted women that actually listened to our station, and Jamie is one of the best we have,” said sophomore Tammy Foster, who has been an intern in Lazer’s promotion department since last May term.

“She has done a great job of promoting the station. When the fans come up and want to meet a rock girl, she really is one,” said Foster.

Although she didn’t get paid to be in the calendar, Alexander has received a number of benefits.

“I have met a lot of new friends, and I get to go to concerts. I’ve met a lot of my favorite bands too, which is a plus,” Alexander said. “I gained some self confidence I was lacking, and it was all so down-to-earth that it helped me reach a different level in my thoughts and ideas.”

Along with the benefits there have been a few drawbacks for Alexander.

“Every now and then people will recognize me, and I always feel funny. The whole recognition thing I could sometimes do without,” Alexander said.

Alexander said her family has had mixed feelings concerning the calendar.

“My dad just laughed at me, and my mom told me it was my decision but if I did it, I would always be referred to as a month,” she said. “My grandma and my boyfriend weren’t crazy about it. My boyfriend said if it made me feel good to go for it. My grandma would have preferred me in a turtleneck with a cute smile on my face.”

Despite some of the negative things accompanied with the calendar, Alexander said she has no regrets.

“I would do it again. I can’t really suggest it to anyone else because people have their own opinions and standpoints about things like that, but it was a great experience, and I don’t regret it at all.”