Saunders to leave for Drake University

by Vista Kalipa

Medea Saunders, assistant chaplain, has accepted a position at Drake University as Wesley Foundations Director.

Saunders will be doing campus ministry work in a school that is not Methodist. Part of what she has in store for the Drake community will be dealing with issues of social justice, activism and ministry work and bible studies in residence halls.

“You know, I feel a lot of grief about leaving Simpson. It’s a place that I love deeply,” said Saunders. “It’s a great community but it is time to move on. This is a great step for me.”

Saunders said she is very excited about starting her new job. She is also excited to get to know the students she’ll be working with.

Saunders has had an opportunity to work with numerous students on campus who come to her seeking help and guidance.

“I know that the campus will definitely miss her,” said senior Paula Cripps. “She is such a vibrant and passionate person and has great love for working with people our age.”

Some of the duties that Saunders had as an assistant chaplain were to work with students in leadership positions, help them plan and prepare for Campus Worship and other endeavors. She also had a helping hand in the running of the Holy Grounds Coffee shop.

“She does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work and seeks no recognition for it,” said Cripps. “She’s humble, a sister-in-Christ and a good listener. Her humbleness won’t be remembered, by some, until she is gone.”

While feeling sad about leaving Simpson, Saunders also expressed the delight she feels in starting a whole new program at Drake.

“This is a chance for me to develop my own program,” said Saunders. “It is a road to self-discovery so I can look at what I am called to do.”

Her kind words, expressed through that “husky voice of hers,” are what many students say they’ll miss most.

She expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the time and opportunity that the college has provided her with.

“It’s just been so great working with the students here,” said Saunders. “They have kindred spirits and give you a hug everyday. I’ll definitely miss that. I feel like I am a graduating senior and it makes me sad to be leaving my people behind. Thank you very much for allowing me to serve you and be an intimate friend to you. I’ve learned a lot here.”