Simply Stated

by The Simpson Student Body

What is the deal with chicks in general? When a guy gets one, he spends all his money on her. When they break up with us because we didn’t treat them right, we spend all our money getting them back.

-Poor, lonely and upset man

How about Indianola buys a clue. We want pizza available at any time of the night. Not just until 11 p.m. It’s a college town…make some easy money off of us. Give us an opportunity to have greasy food at 2 a.m. when the Zoo closes.

-Senior with hunger

To “Senior” in the 9/5 issue…I think you are just jealous of the better-dressed freshmen girls. Maybe you should get a clue from us!

-Looking good

Hey Simpson- thanks for raising our tuition. Now I get to work two jobs to afford this place. But in return I don’t have time for my classes and homework. Do you see the problem?

-Working my way outta here