Storming up the bedroom

by Laura Dillavou

Admit it, just hearing the word “sex” brings hundreds of images to your mind. If the right person says it, it can bring a smile, a laugh and a hope of something more.

On the other hand, when your parents talk about sex, most people try to keep a straight, even somber, face.

Let’s get real: people love sex. Whether reading about it, looking at pictures, or partaking in the activity, sex crosses the minds of young adults hundreds of times a day.

Sex is one of those things that is kept all hush-hush for the majority of your childhood, only to be exploited throughout the college years. I can recall being on the school bus with my friends, and listening with wide eyes as one girl explained the ‘ins and outs’ of this seemingly dirty business.

Why and how she knew all the answers is still a question, but as I remember it, she was, for the most part, correct. The terminology, however, was a little lackluster, as I later learned.

By now, all of us should know the basic logistics and lingo of human reproduction. If not, I’m sorry – find yourself a good book, a lonely night and learn. That’s the beauty of sex. It can be as private as your first time with that special someone or as public as a drunken indulgence in a random dorm room.

You make the situation and the repercussions it can cause. Sex can be whatever you want it to be: awkward, intimate or an intoxicated fornication. To some people, that night (or 12 hour) can be very binding, and to others, it seems like a casual weekend ritual.

There is something about this act, this physical deed, that makes us squirm, grin and blush.

At this point in our lives, we have all embraced that sex is out there. It may be right above your head while you sleep (or at least try to), or a not so pretty sight when you walk into your room one weekend night.

However, most Americans, especially college students, just can’t seem to get enough of copulation. Seize this time, ladies and gentleman!

Our sex drives are the highest they will ever be, and with the population of the student body, this is probably the best time to have that quality ‘interaction’ with your fellow peers.

Honestly, sex is what you make of it. Some people see it as a daily staple in their lives, while others have made a commitment to wait. Both options are presented for the individual to take as they please.

For those who choose to embark on the path to sexual pleasure right now: be safe, be smart and watch out for beer goggles.

To the people who have the dedication and allegiance to wait, I give you much credit and hope that you are happy with your choice.

Sex isn’t for everyone right now, but for many, it is the physical activity du jour.

Live it up; you won’t be in college forever and all too soon, the window to sexual euphoria will be closing!