Slasher soundtrack a metal hit

Slasher soundtrack a metal hit

by Matt Bower

Evil has two faces, but only one soundtrack.

The soundtrack to the latest summer horror movie, Freddy vs. Jason, is one of the heavier soundtracks to hit store shelves. Road Runner Records has compiled an impressive list of artists for this one.

The line up includes Ozzfest alums Spineshank, Mushroomhead and Powerman 5000, as well as other artists such as Nothingface, Sevendust, Dez Fafara’s (Coal Chamber) new band Devil Driver and Des Moines’ own Slipknot.

The total number of tracks is 20– 14 of those 20 tracks are previously unreleased songs. Ill Nino’s “How Can I Live” is the first single off the album. It can be heard on radio stations across the country as well as on their forth-coming sophomore effort “Confession.” Slipknot’s “Snap” is a 1997 demo that was recorded for their self-titled album “Slipknot”, but did not make the cut. However, it fits quite nicely on this metal monster.

Corey Taylor, lead singer and #8 of Slipknot, makes a second appearance with his other band, Stone Sour. “Inside the Cynic” is similar to their “Get Inside,” with heavy guitars and loud drums set against the screams and yells of Corey.

Clearly, the soundtrack is mainly a metal album. However, it is an album comprised of a variety of metal styles. Following the upbeat tempo of Ill Nino is the melodic metal sound of Killswitch Engage.

Some more melodic metal, with a Swedish death metal twist, can be found on In Flames’ “Trigger.” And for some death metal without the melody, one must look no further than “11th Hour” by Lamb of God.

Not into death metal, yet still love the sound of raw heavy metal? Listen to “Army of Me” by Chimaira. Looking for hardcore? With the likes of Hatebreed’s “Condemned Until Rebirth” or “The After Dinner Payback” from the emo-influenced metalcore screaming of From Autumn To Ashes, it has clearly not been forgotten.

The soundtrack features a lighter side with the punk fused with glam rock sound from the Murderdolls’ “Welcome to the Strange” and the tribal feel of Sepultura’s “The Waste” featuring guest vocals from Mike Patton, lead singer of Faith No More. “The Waste” sounds like a mix between Powerman 5000 and Incubus. Rounding out this incredible soundtrack is the mellow, haunting music of Type O Negative’s “(We Were) Electrocute.”

Full of new, unreleased material, the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack is a must have CD for every type of metal fan.

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