Simply Stated

by Simpson speaks out

Can anyone tell me who those two guys found outside Signatures full of shaving cream were?


What is so wrong with a party in the Buxton parking lot? It was all in the name of fun!


Where are we supposed to go now that there are no places to go off campus and party? Simpson takes away all of our party houses and then wonders why we drink in our rooms, figure it out people.

– Buy a clue

To those singing “Piano Man” on Saturday night…you are all too cool for words…or something like that!

– Mother T.

How many 5th year seniors are there here on this campus?

– First time around senior…will graduate

R.M., you are such a lunch box.

-Machine Shed

For the last time, respect the mailroom and the mailroom will respect you.

-Barney Fife

Whatever happend to the Lochness Monster, he was crazy I say, CRAZY!!


A wise man once said to not play leap frog with a unicorn!

-Not so wise man