Hunt resigns unexpectedly, college asks Kellogg to step in

by Vania G. Quiroz

After 19 years of service, Dennis Hunt resigned from his position of vice president for college advancement, Sept. 3.

His decision shocked most administrators who didn’t see it coming.

“It was a surprise not only for me, but for many others,” said President Kevin LaGree, “yet we all accepted his decision and moved on.”

Immediately Simpson began looking for a replacement.

The main goal was to fill the position with someone who knew Simpson well, and who would, at the same time, be a good fundraiser.

The search didn’t take long.

All of the desired qualities were found in John Kellogg, vice president for marketing at Simpson.

Kellogg is now the vice president for college advancement and marketing. The roles were combined into one after Hunt’s resignation.

Kellogg will now be in charge of fundraising and alumni relations as well as all other activities concerning marketing.

Even though Kellogg’s new position may seem overwhelming, Bruce Haddox, vice president and dean for academic affairs, said that Kellogg can handle it.

“John has worked at Simpson for more than 25 years,” said Haddox. “He knows how most of the departments work and how they relate to each other. He’s a very organized man with good instincts about what works and what doesn’t for Simpson.”

Among many tasks, Kellogg is now in charge of the $50.3 million fundraising campaign, which is probably one of the biggest challenges he will face.

“Our goal of $50.3 million had been delayed due to the bad economy of our country,” said LaGree. “It’s still moving and now we’re debating about when to announce it.”

LaGree said that he feels very positive about the combining of the two positions. He also said that he doesn’t doubt that Kellogg will do an extraordinary job.

“He has invested his life in Simpson,” he said.

Hunt declined an interview for this story.