Weekly Wellness

by Laura Dillavou

School has started and most students have begun to establish a daily routine. Whether or not that routine includes a trip to the weight room is up to you.

However, if a person implements something as simple as a 45-minute workout into their everyday schedule, the results will be rewarding. Breaking into that routine can be easy with these simple steps.

Timing is everything

For some, working out in the morning, whether it is a weight lifting routine or an intense run, starts their day off the right way. The benefits of morning activity are ample, as you will see. For one, it will wake you up.

Most people cannot correctly exercise and still be sleepy at the end of 30 minutes. The aerobic activity will also increase blood flow to all areas of the body, as well as the brain, and we could all use that on a Monday morning. By getting your body up and moving, the metabolic system is also ‘awakened’ and given a jump-start to the day.

The Outer Appearance

Generally it takes six to eight weeks for a person to see the results of a workout regime. By starting now, you could guarantee that by Thanksgiving, and probably sooner, there would be a noticeable difference in body tone and muscle structure. For some, this may mean losing unwanted pounds, and for others, it may be building up muscle.

The key is to target exactly you want out of your workout and strive for that ultimate goal. For instance, if the intent were to lose 15 pounds, a person would go about that by implementing a high intensity cardiovascular routine and lifting lightweights to improve muscle tone.

However, if the goal were to gain muscle and a larger physique, then a person would concentrate on lifting core areas for strength, not tone. The results will be different according to each person, their body type, and metabolism.


When starting out, one session at the gym isn’t going to convert a person to be a workout feign. However, by and by, that hour spent sweating and breathing hard will become something vital to your day. It may be the time that you relieve stress, think about the day, or just forget about homework, roommates, and your most recent parking ticket. Whatever it may be; this hour of personal time is necessary to most people. While some find it when they are lying in a tanning bed or watching TV, you could be at the gym, pounding out your latest frustrations on the treadmill. Not only will you receive the physical benefits of this, but the mental ones as well.

As you can see, starting a routine early on can bring about remarkable results in the end, and probably sooner than you think. It may seem intimidating at first to walk into the weight room with it’s loud music and many sweaty bodies, but in good time, exercising will seem like second nature to you and your body.