Unresolved parking tickets create questions

by Casey Hansen

Former students upset with parking fine policies at Simpson are speaking up.

Students that have received bills for parking fines at the end of the year are wondering why some students who owe the college money are slipping through the cracks.

Former Simpson student, and former editor in chief of the Simpsonian, Erin Haller, received a bill for $125 at the end of her senior year for five parking tickets she hadn’t paid. Her friends (whom she declined to identify) accrued the same amount of tickets, and didn’t have to pay anything.

“It’s not fair to select students and charge them,” said Haller.

Simpson Security Director Chris Frerichs declined an interview request, but said through email in August to Haller that students who don’t register their cars with the college and receive tickets are hard to track down.

Frerichs also said that some students don’t receive bills because the charges are taken from other funds that the student may have.