by Vista Kalipa

Spas, manicures and pedicures are not foreign to them; spending hours in the mall is no longer something they dread and spending hours selecting the right hair-care product is nothing new for them.

These guys know without a doubt what color coordination is all about. Nope, they are not gay men; they are metrosexuals.

The word metrosexual is not yet found in your Webster’s or Oxford Dictionary, but be certain that you’ll soon see it. It’s a word that’s going to be part of your vocabulary, and it’s a term that some of you are going to identify with, especially if you move to the cities.

Identified as the ultimate metrosexuals are men like David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

These are the guys who feel no qualms about stepping into a spa and asking for a manicure.

Getting facials is almost a sport to metrosexuals.

The rise of metrosexuals stands as proof that it’s not just a gay thing. Straight men also do care about the way they look. They’ve come to realize the importance of skin care and the fundamental nature of looking good.

Not so long ago, this would have been defined as “sissy boy” behavior.

Those days are gone.

Not only is this going to dissolve some of the stereotypes that gay men are stigmatized with, it is also going to open up those minds that are closed.

A study conducted by a communications group, Euro RSCG Worldwide, titled “The Future of Men” showed that eight percent of metrosexuals reject the idea of a life of casual sex and nine percent would choose to be a football star, with seven percent who would opt to be heads of multinational companies.

Many metrosexuals see themselves as easygoing, caring and open-minded.

Some of them enjoy shopping with their wives, girlfriends or even gal pals.

They like to discuss new fashion trends and are always in-sync with style.

We may not have known what to call them before, but I think metrosexuals have long been around.

These are guys who know how to dress well, who take utmost care in their public appearance.

In the past, these guys were called gay only because they know how to put an outfit together. So, here’s an appropriate name you can use for them. They’re not gay, they’re just metrosexual.

Even here at Simpson, we have potential metrosexuals, though they might not readily admit to it.

These guys are enrolled in weight-control programs such as Weight Watchers, something that would have been considered feminine by others. Some guys make frequent visits to tanning salons, hair salons and occasional visits to spas and massage parlors.

There are guys who are in the gym carefully maintaining or enhancing their bodies. There are some Simpson guys who religiously pay attention to their appearance, which would include nails and cuticles. There’s nothing wrong with that; fine grooming should be every guy’s priority.

Machismo is something of the past.

Guys owe it to themselves to take care of their facade.

These are different times and we, certainly, are different from our fathers and forefathers because of the kind of society we live in.

Nose hair, chest hair and genital hair are no longer in.

It is recommended that we trim those areas that need trimming and shave areas that require shaving.

Shows like “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” prove that straight men are now feeling the urge to look good.

For those unaware of this show, it is BRAVO Channel’s newest show. It airs on Tuesdays at 9pm and features five gay men with expert knowledge on fashion, food and wine, interior décor and New York culture. They transform a straight guy into, basically, a metrosexual.

Gender lines are becoming more and more blurry.

It is up to each individual to decide what they take from each gender. There’s much to be learned and adapted from each, but the choice lies upon the individual.

Be warned!

Metrosexuals have emerged.