Intolerance will not be tolerated

Intolerance will not be tolerated

by Rob Stewart

The Simpsonian Online contains a feature which allows readers toalmost instantly respond to the content of the Simpsonian byposting their comments on the Simpson College website. Thisinnovative idea was intended to better the newspaper and itsservices to the Simpson community, and to allow the students whostaff the newspaper the opportunity to receive their due praiseand/or criticism. Unfortunately while providing readers with apublic forum in which to post legitimate comments, the Simpsonianhas also inadvertently invited every mean-spirited individual withan internet connection the perfect opportunity to spread theirnastiness. Therefore I have devoted my column this week toaddressing those malicious comment posters.

To those of you who feel the need to berate the newspaper or itsstaff with vague insults unrelated to the content of the paper:your comments are ignorant, uninspired and repetitive. You submitthese comments not because you have a legitimate complaint butbecause you are thrilled with seeing your comment in print andinterested in seeing how outrageous or insulting a comment thefeedback moderator will allow you to post.

To those planning on posting future comments about the newspaperhere are a few key facts to keep in mind.

* The Simpsonian is a college newspaper staffed by your peers,all of whom are learning how to write, photograph, edit etc. So cutthem some slack. Secondly, I know you probably have a sense ofhumor so try and use it. Also, in the same vein, make your besteffort to take articles that appear in the newspaper in the spiritin which they are intended.

* Furthermore, if you do have a valid criticism the staff wouldbe more than willing to hear it. However no one, including you,wants to be called names. Remember there is a difference betweenconstructive criticism and a character attack.

* If you do have a comment about an article and feel the need topost a comment, have the decency to leave your name and emailaddress so that the individual being addressed in your posting canrespond. This guerilla warfare style of comment posting needs tostop.

* Finally, to those individuals posting nonsensical ramblings: Isuppose you aren’t hurting anyone besides the poor moderator whohas to dredge through your comments, but really what is thepoint?

I realize that by submitting this article I will most likelyreceive many postings attacking this piece, and most likely me, butI suppose that is the price I will have to pay for voicing myopinion in a civilized manner, and unfortunately, as I am a staffwriter I can’t submit it anonymously.