Sex Talk

by Laura Dillavou

So you’ve managed to finagle your way into the bed of another person, and it’s the next morning. Under any circumstances, this sets up a very awkward and embarrassing time for both you and your one night lover. What to do, what to do…

After waking up and realizing just what you have gotten yourself into (taken more literally for the male audience) it is time to assess the situation. Do you really want to make any more of this than a one night stand, or is it something that both sides wish to pursue? In the case of the second, it is very, very important that both sides are clear. No one wants drama, especially relationship drama, leave it on daytime soaps.

In the situation of the one night stand, remaining as unaffected and cool about the entire state of affairs is key. As Mr. Morain noted in one issue about shacking, the silent departure is key. Not only does this avoid the embarrassment of having to dress in front of the other in broad day light, but you can also sneak around any stammering of phrases such as, “I’ll see you around.”, or “Well, it’s been fun.” Even if you are tempted to say something of this nature, keep it to yourself. Really, you will thank yourself after the fact. If you do slip up and make a committal remark towards the future, it’s best to just leave it at one, and say nothing else.

When walking across campus that morning, chances are you will see someone you know. Rather than run and hide behind the nearest car, try to be indifferent to the situation. Although this may seem awkward when dressed in your discomania glitter top and knee high boots, stammering while scuffing your toe on the pavement, all the while blushing a deep rouge, only adds tension. Fear not friend, you will be home quickly.

Come Friday morning, when you are so nonchalantly walking to class, there he/she is..your bed buddy. There are a variety of solutions to this conundrum. The first and foremost, be yourself. A simple “Hey”, a direct look aimed above the eyes, and a quick smile will do the trick. It lets the other person know you are aware of the circumstances, but have not forgotten the fun had the night before.

Another answer to this puzzle is to completely avoid the situation. While this is not my recommendation, it does take all eye contact and risk of conversation out of the way. However, in order to successfully avoid someone, you must not be seen by them in the first place and reroute your path thereafter. It is a lot of work for the result.

The last option is to be the bold person you are deep down and flat out talk to them in passing or in class. While I strongly avoid talking about the previous night’s activities, appearing to them as the natural person you are, and also giving the impression that you are not shaken up by this shacking occurrence, lets them know everything is just swell between you two. Whether or not it really is, well that’s your secret.

Finally, the next week, when you two oh-so-coincidently end up in the same place, you must decide if last week’s happenings are worth another run at the money. If your morning after experience and the aftermath of the entire situation are completely livable, then the night is yours. If not, well, find your way home, to your own mattress and lay your head down there. All in all, if you are going to do something like shack, don’t do it if you are going to have regrets. Live for now, but choose your actions carefully.