RLC adds new progrms, reaches beyond Simpson


by Casey Hansen

Whether you’re Methodist, Catholic, non-Christian, or any otherform of faith, Simpson’s Religious Life Council has something tooffer all students and has added plenty of new items to theiragenda this year.

Adding to the already numerous RLC programs, groups such as PALShas emerged for the 2003-04 year.

PALS is a group that offers students a chance to spend time withan elderly individual outside of the campus setting.

The purpose of this program is to show students that there isanother world outside of their campus community and to help themrealize that they can be of service to other people.

Another new program offered by RLC is Horses Helping People.

This is another service group to get students involved outsideof the Simpson community and to help others in need.

While others are riding horses, another group plans to preachusing puppets. This group is still in the planning stages andlooking for members, but their goal is to get into the localchurches and minister to younger children about their faith.

Also new this year is the Come to the Table communion service at8:30 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

This service features either Angela Gafford, chaplain of studentdevelopment, Chaplain Chris Waddle, or President R. Kevin LaGree asspeakers and is also open to all students.

According to Gafford, RLC is always open to new ideas andsuggestions from students.

“The students identify a need or interest, and together weinvestigate how we can meet that need,” said Gafford. “It’s verystudent led.”